Annett Groeschner

Annett Groeschner was born in Magdeburg in 1964 and has lived in Berlin since 1983. She has worked as a freelance writer, journalist, and lecturer since 1997. She writes novels, stories, plays, radio features, and articles. Also an editor, she collaborates with the photographer Arwed Messmer on projects at the crossroads of literature and photography (including the 2011 exhibition and book The Other View: The Early Berlin Wall, and the 2012 book Berlin, Fruchtstraße on March 27, 1952). Her novel Moskauer Eis appeared in 2000, followed by Walpurgistag in 2011. Her most recent book, Mit der Linie 4 um die Welt, was published in 2012. This semester she is a guest professor at the Berlin University of the Arts.