A. J. Bermudez

A. J. Bermudez is an award-winning writer and director based in Los Angeles, California. Her work has been featured at the Yale Center for British Art, the International Festival of Arts & Ideas, the LGBT Toronto Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, and in a number of literary publications, including The Masters Review, Black Static, and more. She is a former boxer and EMT, one of the ISA’s Top 25 Writers to Watch, and currently serves as Artistic Director of The American Playbook.


Q-tips; under-the-tongue thermometers; ear thermometers; once, a meat thermometer; a Neti pot, swiftly rejected; toothpicks; anal beads; lollipops from the doctor’s office; lollipops from the bank drive-thru; upwards of 57,000 pounds of food; 43.5 gallons of alcohol; needles; the lip of a pipe...