I do not have enough [time] since endings begin with a wish [ ] an instance [ ] explanations concede [ ] perhaps a start of another ending [ ] like love-words ending on a larynx [ ] or another misunderstood equation [ ] when there isn’t ample context between un-explicable explanations [ ]. Since I do not have enough [but] briefly I’ll summarize beginning [ ] spinning on a tilt [ ] below Earth’s rotational axis [ ] in search of water ice [ ] on the dual moons of Mars [ ] Phobos & Deimos. I do not have enough [ ] to assess an omniscient past tense [ ] wind & dust are ever so jealous during periods such as this [ ]. Because I do not have enough [love] or have an end precisely figured [ ] we’ll start where we started [ ] at the beginning of the end maybe in the middle [ ] exceptions will not be honored since they are needless [ ] specious [ ] unworthy of [ ]. Pick but, love, & place in the basket of no, this time.


When Mother names me does she reclaim her own decay. I am born and I am dying. Doctor holds my tits in his hands. My flesh which is not my flesh retracts.


In the golden years, I forgot to turn / the lights off, bulbs gleaming like keyholes — / is anything a mirage if it lingers / in the dark?