“diomedea technofossil” and “feral”

diomedea technofossil

gastrointestinal tract n.


the organs that food and liquids travel through when they 

are swallowed, digested, absorbed, and leave the body as feces.

 “ginger soothes your gastrointestinal tract.”

; his gut

a constellation of

carefully curated carrion moving

messier objects 

between gizzard & proventriculus 

                                                                        [razzle-dazzle rose 

                                                                        bunny figurine legs

                                                                        banana mania    

                                                                        teeny-tiny-tic-tac box

                                             squid beak

                                                                        atomic tangerine           

                                                                             coke-a-cola bottle cap


                                                                             tampon applicator


                                                                        jazzberry jam    

                                                                             travel-sized toothbrush

                                                                        wild blue yonder

                                                                             badminton shuttle-cock

                                                                        aztec gold

                                                                             doll-house hairbrush      

                                               fish eggs

                                                                        fuzzy wuzzy brown 

                                                                             broken-down locomotive]


body n.   


the physical structure of an animal or a person,

including the bones, flesh, and organs.

“it’s important to keep your body in good condition.”

; his corpse

technicolor choros

seething with drunk maggots 

wrapped in feather boas


esophagus n.


the part of the alimentary canal that connects

the throat to the stomach; the gullet.

always thoroughly chew your food, or else it will block your esophagus.”

; his silence— 

the return migration of her voice

performing a ritual of grooming

upon a shrine to polythene kudzu


mate n. 


each of a pair of birds or other animals.

“a male bird sings to court a mate.”

            —; beloved

                a bird bound to her lover’s flesh,

                now an unmade home



after the flood we move as synchronized swimmers. as if my porcine gait was made for your bovine two-step. out here the water does not cleanse. it indicts. whispers to the blood marred in mississippi soil: rise up. reveals this pasture to be sacrificial altar. here they still carve their sins into our flesh like a ledger. say it’s for all our salvation. say they can still taste the atlantic in our sweat. i guess some memories they can’t breed out of you. i begged for a rainwater baptismal. but my wake was a colostrum bloodbath. still. my soul is an estuary. she fills swamps. she soothes screams. still she dances calypso in the breeze. 


My mother asked for what she wanted in her passwords, the typed stars recording without revealing her desires.


at the company banquet; with the velvet drapes drawn; while most here would rather

pretend space is a backdrop painted for earth