Archimedes Screwed

Unable at birth
to give birth to himself,
a man like any other,
Archimedes acquiesced,
left that labor for his mother.

Archimedes is cursed.
He’s obsessed.
He knows he’ll never find
that lever that is long enough,
that perfect place to stand.

Mother Earth spins unperturbed,
in spite of math.

Mother Earth remains unmoved
by upstarts puny as any man,
as naked in the bath.

Scallion Pancakes

Even lizards, starfish, and sea cucumbers
Can regrow their limbs,
Like the scallions did after my mother
Gave them a haircut before dinnertime.

parrotfish tranifesto

when my mate passes i change gender / live a new life / scatter eggs into abyss / sixty feet under the sea