Last Map

With drawings by Amy Sacksteder


Where I dream about when I dream about mountains is Utah and Georgia. You: Georgia, Iceland. We’ve both dreamed a bear ranging the forested slope out the windows above the old house’s kitchen table. But when I look at your glaciers it’s my mountains I must map back, when I pour into the crucible of me what was drawn from the crucible of you. This is sibling, spectacle.

Over the years I’ve come to realize that I’ve never seen Georgia, not really, that it was dreamt for us by mothers endemic to the land. Utah,  a wholly secular This is the place that awaited my invention. Iceland… time and space will tell. Sister, your map precedes my Iceland.








































As a series of gouache and ink drawings, Amy Sacksteder’s Last Map was installed in various venues in Budapest, Reykjavik, Metro Detroit, Philadelphia and Chicago in 2010; Joe Sacksteder’s treatments of his sister’s drawings came later, as an independent project inspired by Last Map. 

Hello Betty

Hello Betty, It is grand here, I know you will soon want to come here when I try to tell you (all) some of what I saw -