The Woman Who Wouldn't Die

Don't look now, Mark, but has The Woman Who Wouldn't Die just come in? Yeah I know you've stuff you really need to bounce off me but that IS her over there at ten past two. Don't look yet! I mean my ten past two anyway. I'm the twelve, not you.


Three Comics

if you measure it you diminish it

Story of My Hands

While my mother was on the phone with one of her long-distance lovers, I spent the afternoon looking at hands in magazines.


Responsibilities, deadlines, and aspirations often send me on a spiral of what I have done, didn’t do, should do, can’t do, and need to do, filling my mental calendar and leaving no energy for what I am doing in the moment.

Portrait of a Book Report

The presumed quiet of isolation was replaced by withdrawal shakes—like being five coffees deep in a morass of meme-culture doom-scrolling. I found myself engaging far too many headlines and far too few books. At some point I asked myself: What from this noisy world do I want to fill myself with? What can I do to amplify voices of insight, beauty, reason?