Postcards to Metadata

“A semi-private-feeling symbol for a semi-private form of communication about semi-private things.”

from the Koreana Cycle

“섹스 | sex | sex”; “Creation Stories II”; “Dangunsinhwa”; “Ajumma”; and “태주/Taeju”

Behaving Badly

“I would like to take the opportunity to instead celebrate those less-than-perfect figures who, in their own way, sought to resist assimilation.”

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Tableaux Vivants


“It’s blowjob never blow job. ATM is not where you take money out of a machine.”

Wade in the Water


“soon, i’ll molt this blackness, let / it cipher into the waves.”

UNIA Parade

Literary Juneteenth
(or Why I Left The Offing)

“Anti-blackness is everywhere. It’s as Diasporic as a drumbeat. We black folks in America live with its thousands of daily iterations. The literary world is not immune from them.”